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MONOGRAM Musepack filters updated

January 5th, 2008 Posted in Free Software

Hello everybody. I’ve managed to update the Musepack filters a little bit so I hope you’ll enjoy this.

Features added:

  • Support for SV7 and SV8 streams
  • Title/Album gain & peak information
  • Instant seeking in SV7 files (seeking table is built when the file is opened)
  • “MP+” pattern for File Source filter

Source code is located in the Musepack SVN repository. Current binary versions are:

  • Splitter ( beta)
  • Decoder ( beta)

Todo list:

  • Add support for files with ID3v2 tags

In order to use these filters you are gonna need the Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package.

Splitter : (140 KB) - latest SVN build

Decoder : (160 KB) - latest SVN build



  1. 11 Responses to “MONOGRAM Musepack filters updated”

  2. By OuT on Nov 15, 2008

    Hi, I don’t see the Musepack filters in the SVN repository…

  3. By Igor Janos on Nov 16, 2008

    Yes. That’s because the Musepack filters are located in the Musepack repository.

    Try this :

  4. By Zafer Kantar on Dec 26, 2008

    Hi. First thanks for these filters (as well as graphstudio).
    I have just noticed that the output of these filters is 6db less than expected. I tried with mpc files version 7 and 8, compared to original wav file.
    It is not an encoding problem, because decoding to wav gives again a file that clips at 0dB (and not -6dB).
    I just hope I am not missing some point and that this comment is helpful (otherwise I would be very sorry). Thanks again ;)

  5. By Zafer Kantar on Dec 30, 2008

    Hi again Igor, I just wanted to point out that these filters also have output 6dB lower than the other two Directshow filters for mpc(7) that I know, which are DCBass and Radlight (which you did I guess). Do you want me to do some further tests or send you setup information ? Thanks -Zafer

  6. By Igor Janos on Dec 30, 2008

    Hi. Thanks for the info. I did not really notice. I will take a look at it in the next few days. However I’m not quite sure why the output is 6db lower. The filter delivers the PCM data produced by the underlying decoder library without touching it.

  7. By Zafer Kantar on Dec 30, 2008

    Thanks for taking it into account;) I just did another test meanwhile. To see if it’s an issue with my sound card, I just rendered the output to wave using the graph (filters output to WAV Dest filter then file writer). The resulting wav is -6dB. So it’s not a hardware issue. I’ll be checking here often in case you ask me for further test. Thanks

  8. By Igor Janos on Dec 30, 2008

    I think I won’t look into it before 2nd of january for obvious reasons :). But the best thing you can do is to keep buzzing me from time to time.

  9. By Zafer Kantar on Dec 30, 2008

    ok for me ! have fun ;) ’til next year …

  10. By Zafer Kantar on Jan 13, 2009

    Hi again Igor, I guess you haven’t had time yet to take a look at this -6db issue … oh BTW : happy 2009 ;) Zafer

  11. By Igor Janos on Jan 13, 2009

    Hi. Thanks. I wish you a happy new year as well. Nope - I had to deal with some unpleasant family issues in the past few days :(. Right now I have to publish the MP4 muxer which I promised some time ago and then the MPC fix is on top of my Hobby-TODO-List.

  12. By Igor Janos on Jan 18, 2009

    Check the blog frontpage for updates on the musepack filters.

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