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March 8th, 2009 Posted in Free Software


it’s been a month since I’ve posted anything new so I guess it’s about time to do something. Here’s the latest AAC decoder with the following changes:

  • Channel mapping works as it should
  • Seeking now works with files (some MKV) that don’t have time stamps set for all frames
  • Another LATM media type has been added for Windows 7
  • Object type is detected for each decoded frame - HE mode is properly indicated in the property page

I have also had plans to do 7.1 channel support but did not have time to create such files for myself nor luck to find them anywhere so if you want to make things easy for me and are in possession of such files go ahead and post them to me.

Download : (285 KB)


  1. 34 Responses to “MONOGRAM AAC Decoder”

  2. By Cheng on Mar 8, 2009

    If I play the video with “MONOGRAM AAC Decoder″ and set “Mix to stereo (2 channels)” in the output properties:

    The man in the film talked from the left side, but if I played it with “MONOGRAM AAC Decoder″, his sounds were from the dual sides.

  3. By MatMaul on Mar 9, 2009

    hello, thanks for the new release !

    the bug with MPC audio switcher is still here ;) :

  4. By Sina™ on Mar 24, 2009

    igor, please develop the first MP3 Surround DirectShow decoder, base on official source.
    download here:
    Win32 (v1.4)

  5. By f10b on Mar 24, 2009

    Hi Igor, thank you for the new release. I tried on this release for some TS files and found out if the AAC sound track was 2ch in the first 30 seconds plus 6ch in the rest, when the channel number is changing, 2ch sound still playbacks but there’s also a cracking sound.

  6. By jefflee on Mar 26, 2009

    Hi Igor,
    I was greatly helped by your AAC_DEC code, since i’m working on AAC decoder. BTW, i cannot access the SVN respository of AAC_DEC. Would you please post the SVN respository?

  7. By Igor Janos on Mar 26, 2009

    Try this:

    svn co svn://

  8. By jefflee on Mar 27, 2009

    Hi igor,
    When i tried to connect, “Can’t connect to host ‘’ message appeared.

  9. By Igor Janos on Mar 27, 2009

    Sorry, the server was down. It’s up&running now.

  10. By Shashank on Apr 3, 2009

    Hey, have you written TransformFilter with worker thread?

  11. By Sooraj S Padmanabhan on Apr 9, 2009

    I’m new to directshow.
    I want to develope a video capturing filter using directshow.
    Can u guide me?

  12. By Igor Janos on Apr 15, 2009

    Best place to start is MSDN DirectShow tutorials.

  13. By Smodd on Apr 19, 2009

    Thks u so much, now i can obtain proper 5.1 surround sound with my audigy and the Kmplayer …
    Thks again man…

  14. By Tim on Apr 20, 2009

    Hi, you done a great work, but I couldn’t get the code from the svn server, I only see the code from websvn.

  15. By Igor Janos on Apr 20, 2009

    Sorry… there was electricity blackout and the server did not start properly. Try now.

  16. By Sina™ on May 1, 2009

    are you familiar with winamp sdk, igor?

  17. By ronilse on May 2, 2009

    We’ve now added the updated filter to MediaPortal, still works fine on Norwegian dvb-t. Many thx Igor for keeping it alive!


  18. By Igor Janos on May 2, 2009

    @sina: nope. haven’t seen winamp sdk so far.

    @ronilse: you’re welcome.

  19. By Sina™ on May 3, 2009

    igor you’re the only chance.

  20. By kailash on May 5, 2009

    I have been using your Monogram AAC decoder to play my TS (transport Stream )file which contains H.264/AAC(HE-AAC-LATM) content. What I observed that after playing some time (say 15 min times)It got crashed and shows RunTime Error and needs to be exit.

    I am using Graph edit with following filter graph-

    TS SourceFilter(Haali)->MSMpeg2Demux Filter->Render the o/p pins(Audio and Video).

    for MSMpeg2Demux filter i have created two o/p pins forcefully that are AAC and H.264 configured.

    It seems play well but after some time above mentioned crash occurs and when i replaced Monogram Filter with any other third party AAC decoder then it plays well.Is there any bug regarding free heap in monogram decoder. Any help would be highly appreciated.

    Thanx in Advance………

  21. By Jeremy on May 15, 2009

    Hi Igor:

    Really nice work on “How to make a DirectShow filter VC++ project”

    I was wondering if you are interested in
    developing an extension to that plugin. I would be willing to pay for your time as I am developing a commercial streaming application.

    Basically what I would need is your audio volume plugin to be useable as an Audio Transform plugin in Windows Media Encoder. If it could be developed as an interface with volume meters this would also be great but not absolutely essential.

    Finally, I would need to be able to poll the plugin from a app to obtain the audio volume at any given time. Possibly using a peek/poke memory address approach.

    It may sound weird but there is no way in the Windows Media Encoder sdk to determine the volume level of an incoming record source (e.g., microphone) etc.

    Please give me a shout if this is something you would be interested in pursuing.


  22. By Igor Janos on May 16, 2009

    Thanks. I’m not completely sure right now what does it take for the filter to be usable as transform plugin in WME, but I might take a look.

    If you want to use it from a VB application then perhaps a simple

    SendMessage(wnd, WM_GET_VOLUME …)

    approach of obtaining the volume level would be easier for you. Once the filter appears in WME making this work should not take more than a couple of minutes. If you manage to find the information about the availability of this filter in WME I’ll make the rest for you free.


  23. By hjoska on Jun 24, 2009

    Hi Igor,

    Your AAC decoder is great, it works perfectly with dvbviewer to receive the Hungarian DVB-T tv and radio stations. However I have problems with the recorded streams:
    • Video: the best solution is the Haali splitter + CoreAVC codec, but there is no sound (the Haali does not work with LATM/LOAS HE-AAC).
    • Radio sound: VLC is the only player what is able to play the recorded LATM/LOAS HE-AAC streams (e.g. Graphstudio cannot render these files).
    My solution is reconverting the LATM/LOAS HE-AAC to ADTS stream with Winamp (Coding Technologies aacPlus (HE-AAC) Encoder v1.28a) but I do not know which encoder settings give the best result, and probably reencoding means quality degradation.
    So I have a lot of questions:
    • Which splitter/X264 codec can work with your AAC decoder (and give good picture quality in the case of slightly degraded streams)?
    • How can I change the audio stream format from LATM/LOAS HE-AAC to ADTS without AAC recoding?
    • Is there a way to set Haali splitter to work with LATM/LOAS HE-AAC?
    I am not an expert in this area and any idea or suggestion is welcome.

    Thanks in advance and best regards


  24. By Mohammed on Jul 3, 2009

    Hi Igor,

    Am using ur AAC Decoder to test my Demux. When I connect it to my Demux in Release mode, its crashing giving some runtime error. But, when I used the Release version of the AAC Decoder while Debugging its working.

    So, I tried to register the Debug version of ur AAC Decoder. Bt, its not getting registered. Its giving en error saying, Failed to register Output. So, I tried registering it manually, then its giving some LoadLibrary problem.

    Please tell me, how I can use ur AAC Decoder…either in Release build or in Debug Build. In Release build its crashing and in Release build its not able to register.

  25. By sudi on Jul 4, 2009

    Hello Mr.Igor Janos,

    I was trying to use your AAC decoder filter but the version 0.9.6.o of your binary is crashing giving a run time error when used in graph edit.

    Then i tried with all other versions too like 0.9.0,9.5 all of them are crashing with the same error ” Run time Error” abnormal program termination.

    So i compiled your source code( version 0.9.0) and tried to use the release version even then it is giving the same error.

    But the debug version of the same is working fine.

    so can u please update ur decoder such that it works in release mode.

    I am using my own TS demultiplexer i also tried with elecard mpeg demultiplexer behavior is same.

    So can u please suggest solution for the same.

    I am trying to use Ur AAC decoder bcos with main concept AAC decoder some of the streams are freezing when i play them only first video frame is coming.

    But when i used ur decoder(Debug version) streams are running fine.

  26. By Igor Janos on Jul 4, 2009

    Hmm… strange but I will check for the crashes.

    As for the LATM -> ADTS conversion… I’m currently not aware of any filter/software that would do this. However the AAC decoder contains a routine that performs this when feeding the libfaad library with AAC data so I suppose it might be possible to write just a simple LATM->RAW/ADTS convertor filter.

    Can’t promise any dates though - free time is a luxury which I don’t have right now :(

  27. By Mohammed on Jul 15, 2009

    Hi Igor,

    I have got a strange problem. I have made an MPEG Demux tht uses MONOGRAM AAC Decoder to play AAC Files. I have some 10 files tested, which are playing fine. Bt, I have come across a file which doesnt get played normally. If I seek, then its getting played. Will U please temme what should I do to make tht file run normally..i.e; at the start without the need to seek to make the file play..

  28. By matt on Sep 6, 2009

    Im running Win 7 32bit RTM, have an ATI Radeon HD 4550 and a WinFast DTV2000H Tuner. I use WMC for everything especially recording free to air tv, which has worked perfect for the last month or so since installing the rtm version of win7 but three days ago all of a sudden all windows media related files (wtv, dvrms ect…) when played in WMC or WMP will show a blank(black) screen but plays the audio. I know the video is coming through still as i use VideoReDo to convert to dvrms or mpg after removing the commecials. VLC plays the mpgs no probs….

    Already updated video and graphic drivers,

    ANY help would be awesome

  29. By Flemming on Nov 1, 2009

    How do you install Monogram AAC decoder in Windows 7? For use with Hauppauge Wintv 7.

  30. By Morten Seedorff on Nov 11, 2009

    Hi Igor

    In order to get sound for my mpeg4 tuner hauppauge mailed me a link to your site.
    But I can’t find out how to install
    Help me please

    Regards, Morten

  31. By nars on Nov 23, 2009


    First I would like to say thanks for your work Igor :)

    I’m having same exact problem hjoska described above, I’m in Portugal and the decoder is working very well in DVBViewer for our DVB-T, however when trying to play recorded TS streams in any directshow app I cannot find a splitter that can demux the audio :( I did already wrote Haali developer concerning that and even sent him a sample stream but got no reply yet, let’s wait :)

    Anyway if anyone knows any other splitter that can demux this LATM/LOAS HE-AAC from TS files please let us know.

  32. By Stamatios on Dec 5, 2009

    Hi Igor,

    Some time ago Sergio asked about LATM AAC decoding for Brazil ISDBT. I am using MediaPortal and I can see using Graphstudio that the stream is connected to Monogram but no audio can be heard. For a brief period (less than 1s) we can hear sound, but, stops almost immediately.

    Since LATM AAC is the audio choice for Brazil and several other Latam countries, could you be so kind to see if you can give us a solution?

    I really appreciate your work and thank you in advance.


  33. By N Brown on Dec 26, 2009

    Hello Igor,

    Thanks for an aac decoder that decodes everything I’ve played so far. I use ffdshow realaac for my 2 channel stuff, but it can’t handle all the newer multichannel audio. Is there anyway to use your plugin in ffdshow? I use dithering and sound shaping that I can’t get without ffdshow.

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