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MONOGRAM GraphStudio

June 14th, 2009 Posted in Free Software

Hello people,

a new build of GraphStudio is available with the following changes:

  • Render URL can accept more characters than the width of the input box is
  • File name truncations fixed in “Text Information” form
  • “Copy” button copies the text report into the clipboard
  • Small “Text Information” form redesign
  • “Delete Selection” added to filter context menu
  • GraphStudio makes sure it is located on a visible portion of the screen at start




  1. 34 Responses to “MONOGRAM GraphStudio”

  2. By Sina™ on Jun 15, 2009

    i have many unregistered filters that i don’t want to register, so how to add filters without registering them?

  3. By Sina™ on Jun 16, 2009

    please add external filters, like KMP (KM Player).

  4. By Igor Janos on Jun 16, 2009

    I will take a look, but this feature might be quite complicated. Especially if you’d like the external filters to take place in automated render operations.

  5. By Sina™ on Jun 16, 2009

    this is the best feature for GS.
    the best way for me for testing filters without trouble is to use them as plug-ins.

  6. By Sina™ on Jun 23, 2009

    you need this for xternal filter support:

  7. By rberk on Jul 6, 2009

    the svn for graphstudio

    svn co svn://
    does not seem to work…is there a way to download the project ? Websvn seems to be only 1 file at a time….

  8. By Igor Janos on Jul 6, 2009

    Sorry. The server did not startup as it should. SVN should be up&running now.

  9. By Roman Ryltsov on Jul 10, 2009

    Thanks for the update and could you also put another one into the wish list. Remote Graphs window is not sizable right now, so some text from moniker display name may go beyond visible area. It would be quite convenient if the window could be resized and if it could remember its size and keep it persistent through instantiations.

  10. By Roman Ryltsov on Jul 10, 2009

    Another one as long as I am here. Ctrl+T window. It opens with empty edit control and it is a bit confusing that you need to Refresh something, which is empty. I thint it would be better to auto-refresh once the window is popped up. Then, sometimes (maybe when I connect to remote graph) the window behaves itself incorrectly that it is never active itself and immediately releases focus/activewindow status to main frame. I cannot even drop level combo box down, because it immediately closes up and entire Text Information window goes inactive.

    Another one is probably not your bug, but still is worth attention. Some .GRF files that were saved by studio won’t be then opened by GraphEdit. Maybe I will post more details once I encounter this again. I’d say that you are more accurately working with filters, e.g. use IPersistStreamInit when IPersistStream is not available, and as a result GraphStudio saves something that GraphEdit is unable to read then from.

  11. By Roman Ryltsov on Jul 10, 2009

    As for external filters… Intelligent Connect will need registation for the filters to be taken, so external filters could only be added manually. And as such, they can be listed somewhere as a list of { File Path, CLSID, FriendlyName } and GraphStudio can pick them up using CoLoadLibrary, GetClassObject API bypassing CoCreateInstance. This should work but I am not sure if it worth bothering.

    Perhaps it would still be more convenient and accurate to register filters before use and unregister them when they are no longer needed. It might be more wise to invest time rather into providing GUI helper to conveinently register such temporary DLLs with filters…

  12. By Roman Ryltsov on Jul 10, 2009

    Render URL can accept more characters than the width of the input box is

    Same issue with IFileSinkFilter related window…

  13. By acaran on Jul 20, 2009


    Is it working now?

    I can’t connect…

  14. By Igor Janos on Jul 20, 2009

    Try now. Server process did not start up :-\

  15. By Roman Ryltsov on Jul 23, 2009

    Igor, if a filter could not be added for some reason (it is a file source and there was an error on AddFilter), no more other filters are inserted to graph from Filters Ctrl+F window, even those that could be added without problems.

  16. By Roman Ryltsov on Jul 24, 2009

    One more suggestion: in the window with filters, additionally to category and merit combo boxes, it would be great to have an edit which, when not empty, constraints listed filter to only those which have a substring match in the name.

  17. By Alireza on Jul 28, 2009

    Hey man,

    I was wondering if there is a nice tutorial, or simple sample code (:D) that describes how I can do a basic capture from a camcorder…
    I know the very basics of Directshow, but I’m not really experienced at it.
    I have seen a project, “WinCap”, but it’s too big to study…..

  18. By Igor Janos on Jul 29, 2009

    @Roman: Thanks for all the hints and ideas I’ll definitely keep them on mind when working on the next version.

    @Alireza: You might take a look at MSDN.

  19. By Franck on Aug 24, 2009

    svn co svn://
    does not seem to work
    neither the web interface.

    I’ve downloaded some days ago the sources, but I can’t compile the 64 bit version of graphstudio (32 bit builds fine)
    Is there some special steps in order to build the x64 build?
    Also I noticed when selecting the release-64 - x64 configuration, I can’t get the project properties. May be I am missing a config file or my environment isn’t setup correctly?

  20. By mld2 on Aug 25, 2009

    Hi Igor, thanks for a great utility!
    I have a feature request and a bug-report. Your own forums don’t seem to work anymore and I can’t post at Doom9 until 5 days since I’m new there.

    I would very much like to be able to double-click a remote graph in the list to connect to it, like in GraphEdit.

    Connecting to a remote graph and bringing up the properties for some filter makes GraphStudio steal focus everytime I try to do anything in the property page. Combo-boxes immediately close and copy and pasting won’t work either naturally. Not sure if this happens with all remote graphs, haven’t seen anyone else run into this.

  21. By chemelli on Aug 25, 2009

    Hi Igor,

    seems that graphstudio is not able to connect to remte graphs (CTRL+G) under Windows7 x64.

    I see the !filtergraph, I can hit connect but nothing happen.


  22. By chemelli on Aug 25, 2009

    Ok found that I had a old proppage.dll registered.

    Updating to the latest I found, fixed the issue.


  23. By Franck on Aug 26, 2009

    nevermind previous comment I found out

  24. By bbaker on Sep 10, 2009

    I am just getting involed with DirectShow. In the past I have always used someone eles SDK.

    Question, Does GraphStudio interface with .net? How do I get the code? ie. If I “build” a filter, how do I use it in my app?

  25. By Doug D. on Sep 11, 2009

    when using Graphstudio, my custom source filter is listed but has a red bang “!” beside it when “Insert Filter” is chosen from the menu.

    What does the red bang mean?

    Also - any idea why my filter intially showed up with a merit value of “do not use” and I had to manually change that to “normal”?

    My filter is a source filter based on the ball source filter sample provided by Microsoft in the Windows SDK. The objective is to make this source filter be compatible with an XVID MPEG4 Video Decoder filter which it supposedly is according to GraphStudio.

    Although it says it is compatible, I still cannot get the two filters to connect and I cannot make the source filter render either through GraphStudio or Graph Edit. It complains that it cannot find a compatible series of filters to allow rendering.

    What steps (functions) are necessary and which particular filter (pin) properties must be defined in order to allow my source filter to successfully hand shake with the XVID decoder filter and allow the two filters to connect?

  26. By Vladimir Ivanov on Sep 11, 2009

    The svn checkout seems to be not public anymore: it requires login/password to checkout


  27. By Endy on Oct 14, 2009

    Hi. We really need an update! Thanks!

  28. By A|. on Oct 21, 2009

    I am trying to schedule a record but I can not set a future time…
    Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
    Thanks for the great tool…

  29. By Vawen on Nov 17, 2009

    First and foremost, let me thank you for this software.

    I am having troubles when using DMO inside graphstudio, graphstudio hang up if I check filter properties before connect it. After some debuging look like graphstudio is ignoring the DMO_E_NO_MORE_ITEMS flag from GetInputType method.

    I have been unable to check it more in deep since the svn server looks down.

    Have anyone else noticed this bug?

  30. By luckyvon on Dec 14, 2009


    Is it working now?

    I can’t connect…

  31. By Muscle on Dec 17, 2009

    Hi, I am tring to developing a filter’s property page that inherited from MFC CDialog and I meet some issues. so I try to download the source code of graphstudio, but it seems that the svn server still doesn’t work. Do you mind to send the source code to me by Email or any other way? Thanks

  32. By Kigaruna on Dec 21, 2009

    Hi. Is there any news on new version?
    Personally I’d like to see in it the following:
    - UAC elevation when user trying to unregister filter or something.
    - allowing not only unregister, but register filters too.
    - correcting fps value returned by M$ DTV-DVD decoder during decoder speed test (if this is possible, its probably just crappy decoder)
    - somehow allowing to put time-measure filter in any place of the graph (by hand). If this is possible, it will allows to test more things.
    - also add some kind of speed test for audio decoding. audio decoding can consume a lot of resources. for example with some lossless formats or with decoders by M$ which probably on the first place (from the end) by speed.
    - maybe loading filters without registering them. MPC-style ^_^
    - something useful related to mediafondation :Р

    Anyway, graphstudio is great even without those, so no problem if you don’t have time/motivation for that. Thanks for your work!

  33. By Hans on Dec 29, 2009

    Thanks for GraphStudio, nice program! Is there a problem with SVN, the connection is refused?

  34. By chemelli on Aug 9, 2010

    Hi Igor,

    do you mind add all minortypes from ?

    Thank you


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