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MONOGRAM GraphStudio

GraphStudio is a new project I have started to work on. It should be free and available as opensource under the GNU GPL license. The main reasons for this project were lot of cool features missing in GraphEdit tool. And of course, the fact that it’s not being developed as fast as one may need.

I would like to keep as much of the original GraphEdit look & feel as possible so the people who were/are using GraphEdit could switch to GraphStudio without any problems and include several new features like:

  • Detailed System, Filter, Pin, MediaType information
  • Reports
  • Registry modification (add/remove types for filters manually)
  • Information on registered filters (CLSID, name, file, version, location …)
  • Detection of broken registry entries
  • Easier graph construction
  • Support for DVB, DVD, Capture graphs
  • Inspection of media type formats including header parsing for existing codecs such as H.264, MPEG-2 …
  • Dumping of media type formats for later analysis
  • and many more …


You can express your opinion and/or help with the development of GraphStudio either on local discussion board or by commenting on this topic at the doom9 forum.

You can download latest binary here : graphstudio.exe (1148 KB)

To get access to the source code you can either use WebSVN browser interface located here or download the full source code using SubVersion.

If you want to build GraphStudio for yourself I would recommend you to checkout the libMonoDShow library.

svn co svn://

[ - Beta    14/June/2009]

  • Render URL can accept more characters than the width of the input box is
  • File name truncations fixed in “Text Information” form
  • “Copy” button copies the text report into the clipboard
  • Small “Text Information” form redesign
  • “Delete Selection” added to filter context menu
  • GraphStudio makes sure it is located on a visible portion of the screen at start

[ - Beta    13/December/2008]

  • never-ending render operation is aborted after 10 seconds
  • GraphStudio generates a list of all selected and inserted filters after a render operation
  • GraphStudio is now also compiled for x64 architecture

[ - Beta       21/November/2008]

  • added support for MPEGLAYER3WAVEFORMAT structure
  • added support for MPEG1WAVEFORMAT structure
  • BITMAPINFOHEADER::biCompression is now also displayed as fourCC string
  • added property page for IAMBufferNegotiation interface
  • AboutBox MONOGRAM link navigates to home page
  • added high resolution output property page for WMA DMO Decoder

[ - Beta       5/October/2008]

  • added MEDIASUBTYPE_NV12 to the list of uncompressed video subtypes
  • added “Insert File Writer” item for output pins delivering MEDIATYPE_Stream (e.g. mux filter output)
  • added “MERIT_DO_NOT_USE+1″ and “MERIT_UNLIKELY+1″ presets into the merit changer form
  • %PROGRAMFILES%, %SYSTEMROOT%, %WINDIR% are now properly expanded
  • added “Comatible filters” submenu for output pins

[ - Beta 31/August/2008]

  • added support for ACM codec configuration (via IAMStreamConfig interface)
  • added support for stream selection via IAMStreamSelect interface
  • added decoder performance testing tool
  • pressing “Enter” in the filters form will create a new instance of a filter
  • added “Locate” button to find filter DLL files quickly
  • added “Unregister” feature to remove filters. (works also for missing DLLs)
  • added merit changing functionality
  • seeking form now displays current seeking capabilities and supported time formats