Mass uploader

Mass uploader is working name for our new project, which aims to solve problems with uploading many (or few, but huge) files to web pages with current possibilities. Everyone who has a web gallery knows, that uploading new photos may be very unpleasant. The main reason is absence of multiselect support in HTML forms, therefore user must select one file at a time and upload it. And we have not yet mentioned the fact, that current broadband internet connections are not so broad when uploading.

The main goal of this project is to define an extensible protocol which could be used for upload of many (or huge) files. Main features will be support for multiple files and support for splitted uploads (when server max upload limit is set too low and it is necessary to avoid it).

Secondary goal is implementation of protocol on server and client side. For server-side, we are planning to implement PHP, ASP.NET and JSP controls, on client we want to implement at least .NET and Java client and maybe also Flash client.

Next goal is to define and implement some protocol extensions. For example, upload bandwidth is wasted by the fact, that images sent for processing to gallery are down-scaled and used only in this version. If the client could knew target sizes, he could have resampled images before upload. This leads to faster upload and enlightenment of servers (server needs only to validate data, not to process it).

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